Business Development Head


Experience Required: 28 – 30 years
Location: Gurgaon
Job Code: 105

Top-performing Business Development & Sales Director who builds high-performance sales
teams and develops successful new markets that enables higher-margin sales

Global Sales ~ Consistent Revenue Growth ~ Valued Mentor & Leader

Business Development strategist who builds strong, dedicated client relationships and
partnerships that are built on trust. Executive with an entrepreneurial spirit who leads companies
to growth and market differentiation with a record of generating new business opportunities and
developing lucrative partnerships. Proven track record of implementing the necessary business
development strategies to accomplish breakthrough sales objectives while creating unique
market-entry strategies, managing business relationships, building credibility, and establishing
immediate rapport with potential clients.
♦ Contract Negotiations ♦ Strategic Planning ♦ Market Penetration
♦ Business Development ♦ Account Management ♦ Strategic Alliances
♦ Cross-Functional Leadership ♦ Market Expansion ♦ Resource Management

1. Continually developing your employer’s brand and building increasing awareness in the
market place
2. Generating and seeking out potential new opportunities
3. Developing and managing relationships with potential clients, influencers and key
4. Evaluating new opportunities to ensure resources focus on the best opportunities
5. Managing proposals, submissions and bids
6. Monitoring competitors and reviewing your employer’s offering in light of competitors
7. Participating in new business contract negotiations
8. Experienced, results-driven leader who accelerates customer success, delivers
implementation results, and champions adoption; record of accomplishment with high
client satisfaction and a showcase of successful project delivery.
9. Advanced in various executive leadership roles managing resources and promoting
career growth; recognized for building high-performance teams from a start-up to a high-
performing state.
10. Able to manage complex projects and worked cross-functionally with various internal
groups to determine project scope, requirements, and resources; managed RFP’s, and
determined best practices while ensuring project activities aligned with business
11. This is a very senior role, so certain skills are a given. Specifically, you’ll be expected to
be a confident presenter (both formally and informally), possess excellent commercial
understanding and awareness, be a good networker and be results-driven, self-
motivated and self-disciplined. You’ll also need to be extremely focused on your prime
objectives and you’ll often be required to be creative in order to achieve these.
12. In addition, you’ll need to be a good negotiator as securing the best deal for your
business is an important part of the job.

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