electric two-wheeler’s health during Covid-19 lockdown

As everyone facing challenges in this tough situation, which is going on, of lockdown due to COVID-19. We at Okinawa, the Best Electric Scooter manufacturer, says “TOGETHER WE DID, TOGETHER WE WILL” if we fight together we will win this war against the outbreak and there will be a regain of life again. During this lockdown, we are taking care of ourselves and our family members too but somewhere in mind we have a concern about our vehicles, which is also equally essential. And they also need our care to run properly after this outbreak. So today we are sharing with you some quick tips to keep your Okinawa Scooter in good shape so that they can serve you better when life resumes. Here we bring you top tips on how you can maintain the health of your electric bike or scooter, that too without doing much effort.

Disconnect the battery

As Okinawa has some best-in-class EV Bikes and Scooters like iPraise+, PraisePro, Ridge+ which are High-Speed EVs whereas R30, and Lite are low-speed EVs, which provides you the functionality of removing your scooter’s battery to charge. For theses model which has #detachable lithium-ion battery, we advise you to disconnect the battery of your vehicle by removing the connections. This will prevent the depletion of the battery of your vehicle in the present scenario when it needs to be parked for multiple days.

Opt for MCB Off mode if your vehicle is equipped with an inbuilt battery feature(Lead Acid)

For those owners who have Lead Acid battery scooter like Praise, Ridge, Ridge30, and Raise, has come with an MCB Off mode and as the name suggests, it switches off the vehicle completely. This MCB Off mode is designed to be used for situations when the vehicle has to be parked for a long period of time, say when the owner is out for a vacation or lockdowns like these.

Charge your scooter’s battery/batteries after every 3-4 days

As every battery has a nature of an idle drain so the scooter’s battery has also the same nature, the battery drains significantly even if the vehicle is parked for a prolonged period of time. In order to prevent the battery from running out of charge completely, it is advised to charge the battery/vehicle every 3 to 4 days even when you are not using the vehicle.

Park properly and use cover

Find a proper parking spot for your scooter and but covered parking is the most recommended one. If you don’t have such a setup, use a two-wheeler cover that will help in protecting your vehicle from dust and rain.