How an electric scooter becomes a buddy for my family.

For the last couple of months, we are (My Family & Me) commuting with an electric scooter called Okinawa Lite. Why we choose an electric scooter for daily commuting? The answer is simple to reduce our carbon footprints along with a huge saving on fossil fuel spends. In this process we are saving, somewhere 2k – 3k per month and riding an electric scooter is fun too. Here’s why we switched our mobility, and how we decided to buy an electric scooter.

We are living in Agra and my workplace is almost 15km from my residence. So usually I commute from UBAR or Ola. Which cost me around 150 to 200 per day it is pretty expensive, but not drastically more expensive than renting a parking spot near my office and in my society. And we can’t afford a Car with high EMI, Costly fuel and over that the city traffic. So I and my wife decide to take a next-level decision which is to buy an electric scooter which will help us to commute in my daily office routine as well as for the need for home requirements.

Now the question has born, which brand. I and my wife, both, do not have the license to drive a car or scooter. So the scooter should not have a license requirement and should have at least 60 to 70km range in one charge. It will be a + if it has a detachable battery because we are living in high rise apartments so that will be a headache for us to install a power plug in our society’s parking area to charge my scooter every day. And the most important thing for us is the after-sales service, in my area.

So after a long period of struggle to choose the brand, we arrived on a conclusion which is Okinawa Lite. A scooter that is designed for every single family member. It has plenty of features like One Push start button, Auto Handle lock function, Auto Motor lock function, Pillion Footrest open and close, Stylish Digital Speedometer, Hazard Function, Detachable battery with battery lock function, Lithium Battery with safety valve, Mobile charging Function, Display light with the Brand punch line, Seat open with remote, Scooter power off and Handle lock function, Hooter, and Scooter Power switch.

It is almost 4 months, we spent with our new family member called Okinawa Lite, and we are proud to say that we have made a right and intelligent decision to include this in our family. My wife enjoys the ride of Lite, as it is safer than any other petrol scooter. And we are happy that we are no more contributing to pollution anymore.

As far as the service and spares are concerned, which I think a major concern nowadays for an electric scooter brand, Okinawa has almost 350+ showrooms and a service center all over India and two service centers are near my home. So this is not a problem for me. The dealer near me is very helpful and has a very knowledgeable staff. Though the scooter is maintenance-free a regular recommended checkup is required as per the service book provided with the scooter. So my recommendation is for every single person, who is concern about the environment and his pocket, Go Electric and save the environment for your upcoming generations. So electrify your ride with Okinawa Lite… the best slow-speed vehicle.