How is Okinawa a family brand?

Okinawa Scooters

Indians have always been value-driven. In the current pandemic scenario, with the sky-rocketing fuel prices, the finances of the middle class have been badly impacted. This has forced people to think twice about buying traditional petrol-based mobility solutions. EV’s are becoming more and more relevant, due to their low operating and maintenance costs, compared to traditional automobiles. This sustainable path not only makes Indian families less worried about the rising petrol prices but also contributes towards putting nature back into the driver’s seat.


In the automobile sector, while making a purchase, people are more concerned about the mileage. Other than that, they are also more inclined towards durability, safety, security & the latest technology. Keeping these value propositions in mind, Okinawa Electric Scooter brings one of the fastest-growing and most disruptive technologies, that you have ever seen in the Indian EV market.



Okinawa electric scooter is a 100% Indian electric two-wheeler manufacturing company, established in 2015, with a mission to drive our present towards a sustainable future. 


The Okinawa electric scooters provide a mileage of 100KMS/charge, which makes it one of the pocket-friendly ways of personal mobility. Be it the youngsters, adults, or senior citizens, Okinawa has suitable products for every age group.


The innovation with detachable batteries allows you to charge your Okinawa scooter anytime & anywhere. You must just detach the battery & charge it using any standard electric switch. 


Another unique feature is its ‘praise’ worthy connectivity. The Okinawa Eco App provides a wide array of features that will change the way you interact with your scooter. It makes your life secure & smarter; you can keep track of your loved ones, can diagnose the troubleshoot, find the quickest route to your destination & analyze your speed, riding pattern, trips, battery information & few other useful alerts.




Okinawa Electric Scooters are available in both low-speed & high-speed variants. IPraise+, PraisePro & Ridge+ are smart, innovative, comfortable, and energy-efficient vehicles at affordable prices. The low-speed variants Lite, R30 & Okinawa Dual can be a good addition to the family’s pack, due to their lightweight, stylish & intelligent features. With the ease of maintenance & innovation that’s sustainable, these smart EV’s are an absolute pleasure. A ride that doesn’t let you worry about the rising fuel prices, with its 100KM/charge mileage. The highlights like fast charging, central locking, app connectivity, etc. make these EVs cool from the point of view of today’s youngsters & adults.


By offering such a versatile array of features, Okinawa makes sure that people get extra add-on benefits when they move from IC engines to EVs. A testimony to Okinawa’s product strength, durability & convenience is the recent “Praise De Himalayas” campaign, in which Okinawa’s IPraise successfully rode from Gurgaon to Khardung-La, the highest motorable road in the world.



India’s automobile industry has been buzzing with brand-new advancements & innovations lately. A few years back, the situation was not the same, but gradually EVs are grabbing the attention of a significant number of people. India’s future of Electric Vehicles is bright, paving a path towards a positive change. 


The main reasons why EV is the future –

        Economies of Operation

        Government schemes making EVs more attractive 

        Additional Smart Features 

        Environmental Impact

        Corporate Social Responsibility


What is even more impressive is that the mindset of the Indian population is also slowly evolving, with many now ready to make a switch to EVs someday. A research study has highlighted that by 2022, most consumers in India would consider buying an electric vehicle. This is a pivotal trend that is likely to trigger the growth of the EV segment in the country.


Okinawa Autotech has been living by the philosophy of “Made for India, In India” and wants to place the country on the global EV map. Okinawa electric scooter, using cutting-edge technology, wants to change the way India commutes. 


Let’s work together towards a smart & greener future, by opting for ‘Okinawa’ as a viable alternative to ICE vehicles.


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