How to use an Okinawa E-scooter properly?

Electric vehicles are the new age of vehicles that use electricity as fuel rather than fossil fuels such as petrol or diesel. EVs, short for electric vehicles, is a cleaner alternative because they don’t directly contribute to greenhouse gasses.

Since 2015, Okinawa Autotech has been constantly developing and upgrading newer electric scooters with ever-changing modern technology, working on improving the end-user experience.
Okinawa e-scooters are very easy to use and very convenient for practical usage. Since it’s the most modern technology around, often customers find themselves wondering, how exactly do we use an electric vehicle? What are the do’s and don’ts, how to maintain them, etc.?
Let us share some easy tips to improve your experience!

An Okinawa e-scooter is as simple, if not easier, to operate compared to fossil fuel-based scooters. There are a few key components of an Okinawa e-scooter. Let’s discuss them.

● Battery
● Inverter
● Electric motor
● Charging cable
● Controller

An Okinawa e-scooter runs on a battery that has to be charged by electricity. The batteries are made of lithium ions. Whenever you need to go, just charge the battery with the charging cable provided and you are ready to ride. The electric motor takes power from the battery to function. It is not very complicated, unlike vehicles that run on petrol or diesel, because Okinawa electric scooters have comparatively fewer moving parts, which means less maintenance as well.

The e-scooter comes with a battery charger that is provided by Okinawa Autotech. It is mandatory to use the battery charger that is provided by the manufacturer.

Upkeeping of Electric Vehicles –

The upkeep of an Okinawa e-scooter is much simpler than that of a traditional in shade scooter, which runs on petrol. Here are some simple ways one can follow to keep the Okinawa e-scooter up and running.

Using the correct charger – 
It is always advisable to use the battery charger that comes with the Okinawa e-scooter. Using different chargers can affect the battery life in various ways. For example, the battery may start draining faster, the battery may heat up, reducing charging capacity, or the battery may take more time to recharge.

Battery Maintenance – 
A battery is an important component of an Okinawa e-scooter. After making sure to use the correct charger, make sure to look after the battery’s health and get timely check-ups from Okinawa Autotech authorized service centers to ensure there are no issues with the battery. The technician can detect any complex issues that might occur and provide a solution.

Do not overcharge your Okinawa battery when not in use to ensure that it does not wear out quickly. Keep the Okinawa e-scooter, especially during the summer. The heat from the sun can damage the battery. It is advisable to keep your Okinawa e-scooter covered.

Brake Maintenance – 
Brakes need to be maintained regularly for the user’s safety. The brakes don’t usually wear out quickly compared to a traditional petrol scooter, but they still need maintenance. Make sure not to ride at high speeds regularly because that might put a strain on the brake’s health.

Motor Health – 
An Okinawa e-scooter has comparatively fewer moving parts, but one must always get timely maintenance done by Okinawa Autotech authorized service centers.

These are some simple ways one can follow to maintain the good health of an Okinawa e-scooter. If you follow these basic steps, it will definitely improve the life of your new e-scooter.