Let’s Reveal Why the Future of Automobiles is Electric

With the motto of not leaving Mother Nature behind & to nurture a lifestyle with deeper roots with values within it. Okinawa aims to ensure that the people who are impacted by pollution should have access to the most innovative, stylish & comfortable ride while having truly clean & zero-emissions vehicles.

For entire lifespan, EVs are better for the climate

We only have a decade left to modify how we use energy to avoid the worst impact of climate deviations. Emissions caused by us are not only bad for our planet, they are bad for health also. We have to remember that each EV helps us in reducing carbon emissions and global warming.

For those who still have myths in mind for electric vehicles, it has been clear for several years that electric vehicles are far greener & cleaner than gasoline and diesel-driven vehicles. In fact, e-mobility solutions are very much in the interest of our country India having a power surplus. With a tremendous potential of power through hydro & wind, this is the high time to substitute transportation with cost-effective, indigenous, and pollution-free sustainable mediums.

For instance, the ordinary Indian trips approximately 60 kilometers by car and 20 kilometers on a two-wheeler every day, the current composition of EV available in India with the shortest range can easily travel more than this before any charging required. This illustrates the power to cut down 60-70% gasoline vehicles on road amongst daily commuters. According to a new report by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, 58% of global passenger vehicle sales in 2040 will come from electric vehicles, yet they will make up less than 33% of all cars on the road. EV is a push towards a more circular economy and is keeping the future in perspective and concentrating on sustainability to bring down the emissions further through improved resources. To meet the growing demand, Okinawa has been constantly innovating & focusing on manpower, R&D to deliver superlative products.

Post Covid- “YourEcoCompanion”

The impact of the Coronavirus pandemic is in people’s minds & behavior too. Having this loop of struggle in an individual’s life has given the fair idea & bar to move for the betterment of oneself & planet. EV is a tool for that to move towards a cleaner mobility option that will support to reinstate the cleaner & greener atmosphere we valued during the lockdown.

Electric Vehicles are a ray of hope for green life. For better today & tomorrow this is an initiative that should be carried out by every individual to become a community undertaking.