Make in India” with FAME-II for Electric Two Wheelers

Okinawa Scooters Pledge and “Narendra Modi’s Initiative, Make in India” with FAME-II for Electric Two Wheelers.

Let’s Understand FAME-II certification first.

The FAME-II plans to promote ‘Make in India’ initiative for electric vehicles. The policy grants the subsidy to products that meet its strict criteria. The policy states that the products must be at least 50% localized, be able to achieve and exceed the speed of 40 kmph, have a range of 80 km on a single charge, with additional incentives on featuring lithium-ion batteries. The testing agencies like ARAI will have to ensure the vehicles comply with the Phased Manufacturing Programme (PMP) guidelines set by the Department of Heavy Industry/ Government of India.

Okinawa Scooters Pledge

Make in India, A Pledge taken by Okinawa Scooters and become the first company in India to get the FAME II Certification by achieving 95% Localization of Spare Parts for manufacturing of their world-class electric two-wheelers. Okinawa Scooters has received a certificate of eligibility from the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI), the prime testing and certification agency notified by the government, for its lithium-ion products — Okinawa i-Praise, PraisePro, Ridge+, Lite, and R30. With this testing, Okinawa products have met all the government parameters of having a speed of around 40km/h, range of about 80 km/charge, 50 percent localization and incentivize on the Li-ion battery capacity.

Okinawa Scooters’ MD and Founder Jeetender Sharma’s vision is also aligned with Our PM Narendra Modi’s campaign called “Make in India”. Mr. Sharma also communicated that, with eligibility under Fame-II, our customers will be able to enjoy standard subsidy depending upon the model battery kWh (kilowatt-hour). For Okinawa Ridge+ & i-Praise the subsidy would be between Rs 17,000 and Rs 26,000 based on KWH.

PraisePro the new offering of Okinawa Scooter

PraisePro the new model launched by Okinawa Scooters is 100% localized. The detachable lithium-ion batteries will address the issues related to battery charging and the time consumed for the same. The product will cater to the daily commuting needs of office goers and the families. The scooter comes with three riding modes – Economy with a top speed of 30-35 kmph, Sport with a top speed of 50-60 kmph and Turbo with a top speed of 65-70 kmph. The Okinawa PraisePro uses telescopic forks upfront and twin shocks at the rear, while braking performance comes from disc brakes at either end with e-ABS as standard. It also gets regenerative braking that helps improve range slightly. A ground clearance of 175 mm makes it quite apt for our roads and has a loading capacity of 150 kg. The reduction in the GST rates for electric vehicles has also benefitted the e-scooter segment and Okinawa passed on the seven percent GST benefit to customers with a drop in prices.