We made it possible for the daily commuter to travel with ease while being safe for the environment with our low-cost, long-range e-Scooters. We also make it possible for several business to make their delivery and last-mile connectivity economically as well as ecologically viable. From delivering your pizza fresh hot to making it safe for women to travel, our line of environmentally safe, high-performance scooters – Ridge, Ridge+(Powered by Detachable Lithium-ion Battery), and Praise, has helped the following businesses opt for a more sustainable means of delivery and connectivity as eScooter Taxis. Their trust in our brand is a hallmark of the quality and care that we put into every scooter that rolls out of our factory.

Some of our esteemed partners are:
Pizza Hut – Gurgaon,  Vogo – Bangalore, Bikxie – Delhi, Fae Bikes – Bangalore, KDM Group – Noida