Okinawa Electric Two-wheelers: The Myth Breakers

Okinawa Electric Scooters

With increasing air pollution concerns, there has been a great demand for electric two-wheelers. For many, Electric two-wheelers are a reliable option to commute in the coming future. But although a great percentage of people have accepted the new change, there’s still a huge percentage that is doubtful about Electric two-wheelers. This is making people question the decision of making the purchase. The myths surrounding Electric two-wheelers can easily change the perception. But you must know Okinawa two-wheelers are here to change your thinking. They have already received a great response in the Indian market and will continue to grow. Check out how they are complete myth breakers.


Electric vehicles run slower

It is essential to understand that in no way Electric two-wheelers are slow, at least not in today’s era. The models of Okinawa Autotech are even faster than some of the petrol-based two-wheelers with speeds up to 60 km/hr. A great reason behind this is that they are being powered by an electric motor that generates high torque at acceleration. This means as soon as you twist the accelerator on your Okinawa E-two-wheeler, there will be a rush of electricity from a stationary position to the desired speed in a fraction of seconds 


A proper charging infrastructure is necessary for widespread electric vehicle adoption.

Most electric two-wheeler owners charge their vehicle right at home, at night, or in the workplace. However, when on a road trip, one needs to charge it at a public spot.
With Okinawa, there is nothing to worry about. Our scooter comes with a detachable battery that can be charged at any place, anytime easily. 


Electric vehicle takes time to recharge

Given the technological breakout and the availability of new batteries, the time required for charging an Okinawa electric two-wheeler is much lower than expected. Charging an electric two-wheeler comes down to how powerful the charging point is and your battery capacity. For instance, Okinawa E-two-wheelers can be charged quickly. The battery here is detachable, which offers convenience for charging it anytime and anywhere. This two-wheeler has a fast-charging technology that ensures you do not face any hassle, plus you can carry the battery anywhere as they are detachable.

Electric two-wheelers are made for a short duration of travel

Many people have a general misconception that electric two-wheelers can only be used for traveling short distances. However, this is not true. Okinawa scooters are one of the best you can find. With a full charge, the scooter can go up to 140 Km/Charge depending on the model you have purchased. This means with a fully charged battery you can have a convenient ride anywhere you want.

Despite all the misconceptions and myths about electric two-wheelers, there is a great demand for electric vehicles in India. Most of the population has already invested in electric two-wheelers. For sure, in the coming time, the shift will increase further. The government is providing great incentives to encourage people to invest in environmentally friendly options, which are electric two-wheelers. Okinawa electric two-wheelers undoubtedly have paved the way for this new technology and will surely see a great rise.


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