Our Brand DNA

We promote and focus on innovation when it comes to manufacture our products with differentiators.

Such innovative practices are responsible for Okinawa’s successful journey since 2015. Our products and customer satisfaction is a testimony of our vision with which we had initiated this journey. Our talent is our biggest strength and the reason for what we are today. Nurturing and motivating our people is our utmost priority, we embrace diversity and always welcome fresh minds to ideate. Okinawa acknowledges the fact that by continuous development of skills of its people is the most essential part of a successful career path.

What we offer as an employer

At Okinawa, our aim is to become the top player in India for electric two-wheelers and that can only be achieved with the help of a trusted workforce. Our work culture contains transparency in policies that focus on the overall growth of our employees. We follow the culture of taking everyone ahead with the company by inculcating a sense of ownership amongst every team member across levels. This will not only make them more responsible but also the leadership quality that will help them at every level of their professional and personal growth.

Work-life balance

As an employer, we firmly believe that giving equal priority to your family along with work is essential for a good work-life balance. Hence, to focus on strengthening employees’ belief in the company, we have several employee-first policies that allow them to divide their time and energy between work and personal life.

Hiring Process

Current Openings

ASM Channel Sales- Karnataka

Department Sales

Location Karnataka

Experience Required: 5-10 years

Job Code: 003

Experience Required: 5-10 years

Job Code: 004

Experience Required: 5-10 years

Job Code: 005


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