• 01

    Don’t use brake levers while accelerating.

  • 02

    During charging time, keep MCB in off condition.

  • 03

    Overloading may cause damage to your vehicle.

  • 04

    No warranty is given on broken/crack/burnt cases.

  • 05

    It is advised to do the battery rotation in every service.

  • 06

    Battery Terminal to be tightened properly with battery wire.

  • 07

    Keep the ignition key in switch off condition during charging.

  • 08

    Charging and discharging is required once in 3 months.

  • 09

    During daytime, please park the vehicle in the shaded area.

  • 10

    Battery Rotation to be done periodically as per the maintenance schedule.

  • 11

    Battery Charging/Discharging to be done as per the maintenance schedule.

  • 12

    Battery Rubber separater to be provided between batteries to avoid rubbing of batteries.

  • 13

    Battery Rubber cushion to be provided on top of the batteries for stronger griping of batteries.

  • 14

    Do not wash the battery with water or any other liquid, it can be harmful.

  • 15

    Ride the vehicle in economy mode in rural / traffic area for better mileage.

  • 16

    Warranty for bulging and leakage is only covered for 3 months from date of sale.

  • 17

    Charge the batteries min. 6-10 hours on daily basis for better battery performance / life. (Only in case of VRLA Batteries)

  • 18

    Charge the battery 100% before keeping the vehicle on standby mode for one or more days.

  • 19

    For Low AH cases there will be 12 months warranty from date of sale (as per warranty norms mentioned in the Warranty Booklet).

  • 20

    Don’t charge the scooter immediately after riding, let the vehicle cool down for 30 minutes and don’t run the vehicle immediately after charging. Please wait for 30 minutes.

  • 21

    Sudden full throttle will cause a jerky ride as well consume more current which will result in quick discharge of battery and the scooter will give low mileage.

  • 22

    Do not use scooter batteries and charger for other purpose. Always charge the battery with only Okinawa recommended charger for Okinawa Scooters.

  • 23

    Batteries must be kept as cool as possible to ensure the long life and better performance. Batteries become abnormally hot and start bulging if vehicle is driven under overload for long distance, is charged under sunlight, is charged immediately after driving or the charger is kept “ON” for long period of time even after battery is fully charged.

  • 24

    In case of any discrepancy or defect in the vehicle, do not repair by yourself or roadside mechanic. Kindly report the problem and take the vehicle to the nearest Okinawa dealer.


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