Sep 23
Okinawa Autotech Celebrates World EV Day - Vows to Accelerate India’s Transition to Sustainable Mobility

New Delhi, September 07, 2023: Okinawa Autotech, India’s leading EV company, has today celebrated World EV Day with extreme enthusiasm and gone back to the days when it started operations with the aim of contributing to India’s shift to green transportation. Since its inception, the company has been relentlessly working towards fostering the growth of electric mobility in the country and has accomplished a unique milestone by becoming the first EV manufacturer to surpass the sales milestone of 2.5 lakh units.

The company has fostered innovation in the sector with its cutting-edge products that have garnered huge attention from consumers. More than 2.5 lakh two-wheeler EVs from the company are running on the roads today.

Okinawa’s achievements align perfectly with its vision of a sustainable future. The company has helped the country reduce carbon emissions by a staggering 380mn kg till date and has helped consumers save a whopping Rs. 12.5 billion in petrol costs.

(*Assuming an average daily commute of 30 km & petrol at Rs. 90 per litre).

Mr. Jeetender Sharma, Managing Director & Founder of Okinawa Autotech, said, “Okinawa was started with a vision to accelerate India’s transition to sustainable mobility, and we are extremely satisfied with our astounding achievements in a short span of time. However, we are not stopping here. We have ambitious plans to expand our operations and consumer base in different parts of the country and help people embrace electric mobility in order to create a sustainable future. We have been a consumer-first company and are committed to serving the people of India with products equipped with the latest technology and promote sustainability.”

Okinawa commenced operations in 2015 and introduced their very first model, the Ridge, in 2017. Today, they offer the widest range of EV products, with over 540 service centres and 3S touchpoints, an unbeatable after-sales service, and improved customer connectivity. The company has recently launched the latest and advanced versions of its best-selling Praise Pro and iPraise+ models, available in vibrant colours. Pioneering innovation in the electric vehicle industry, the company manufactures scooters that incorporate cutting-edge technology.

About Okinawa Autotech

Okinawa Autotech is one of the fastest-growing and most disruptive electric two-wheeler manufacturers in India. It is the country's first EV Company to have a world-class Research and Development (R&D) Center in Europe in a joint venture with Italy's Tacita Srl, focused on accelerating e-mobility growth and establishing the brand as 'Desh ka EV' (the country's most-preferred EV). With a firm belief in innovation, technology, and customer-centricity, it is the fastest Indian company to sell over 250,000 electric vehicles across a network of 540 dealers in the country. The brand, in partnership with Assurant Inc., has integrated its Extended Warranty Program (EWP) across its entire range of electric vehicles. It continues to delight its customers with multiple new launches and various marketing initiatives like "Mileage ka Maharaja" and "Ride with Pride" to further strengthen its brand in the minds of Indian customers. Okinawa aims to put India on the global EV map with its revolutionary products and deliver smart, innovative, stylish, comfortable, and energy-efficient vehicles at affordable prices.


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